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Mike Curb Gallery
Grammy Museum Executive Director Bob Santelli, Mike Curb and NARAS (Grammy) President Neil Portnow celebrating the naming of the top floor of the Grammy Museum as the Mike Curb Gallery

Mike at the entrance of the Grammy Museum

Mike Curb announcing the creation of the Curb Careers in Music Program designed to help underserved youth have opportunities to enter the music industry

Mike surrounded by young singers who were performing his BMI award-winning composed song "Burning Bridges" at the Grammy Museum

The Mike Curb Gallery exhibition ironically celebrating the history of Los Angeles music during the years that Mike lived in Los Angeles

Bob Santelli; Mike's sister, Carole Curb Nemoy; Mike's mother, Stella Curb; Mike and Linda Curb; and Neil Portnow celebrating the opening of the Mike Curb Gallery

Mike Curb making his 2012 Grammy icon appearance and presenting his 50 Years book at the Grammy Museum with founder and Executive Director Bob Santelli. The Mike Curb Gallery is located at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

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