The Curb Records Story at 60

Curb Records as an independent recording label that is unique because it doesn’t concentrate on a single genre, like most independent labels. Instead, throughout its history, Curb Records has released songs that are pop, country, Christian, rock, Rhythm and Blues and rap.

The label began in 1964 in Los Angeles as Sidewalk Records. It was formed by Mike Curb, an 18-year-old college student who wanted to name it Curb but could not secure the name.

Mike Curb began as a songwriter and leader of a local musical group that played around L.A. and released several singles on small, indie labels before he founded his own label. Curb’s first success as a songwriter came when he wrote the music for a commercial, “You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda.” His first success as a producer came when he wrote and produced the soundtrack for a short, independent film, Skaterdater. That film caught the attention of Academy Award winning director and producer Roger Corman, who distributed his films through American International Pictures (AIP), which produced youth-oriented films. Corman hired him to compose and produce the soundtrack to The Wild Angels, which led to Curb producing and writing soundtracks and releasing them on his label.

The story of Curb Records is really the story of Mike Curb and his team who have remained together for many decades. Curb has been the sole owner of Curb Records for over 60 years. Curb was an ambitious, energetic teenager who fell in love with 45 records and wanted to be part of the world that produced and recorded 45rpms. Hollywood in the 1960s was a leader in counterculture and a magnet for young people all over the country. It was a world of alternative lifestyles and some of the greatest music ever created. Mike Curb was in the right place at the right time with the right talent and skills.

Mike was not “cool” when measured against others his age, but he was liked and trusted by the older generation just ahead of him. They saw a young person who was dependable and someone they could trust, connected to his peers but not captured by the drug culture surrounding him.

Curb’s first success as an entrepreneur came from composing, producing and releasing soundtracks to over 60 films. Soundtracks that Curb produced and wrote for included Wild Angels, Riot On Sunset Strip, Devil’s Angels, Wild In The Street, Killers Three, Born Losers, Psych-Out and The Savage Seven.

Because Curb did not have any outside investors, the revenue from the films provided the income to support his company and build new artists.

Curb acquired a distribution agreement with Tower Records, a subsidiary of Capitol, and the first hit single from his label was the instrumental “Apache 65;” the label also had a hit with “Blues Theme,” from the Wild Angels soundtrack, a best-selling album that he composed the music for.

Curb continued his writing and producing success, creating the “Theme From American Bandstand,” “The Hot Wheels Theme” from the TV Show “Hot Wheels” and the “Cattanooga Cats Theme” from the ABC TV series “The Cattanooga Cats.”

In 1969, Curb was approached to become president and a partner in MGM Records. He brought his assets into the company and became 20 percent owner of MGM Records and, at 24 years old, became president of MGM Record Corporation. Curb also became Chairman of Robbins, Feist and Miller, one of the largest publishing companies in the world. Those positions lasted from 1969 to 1974 and during that time, he worked on the soundtracks for MGM films Zabriskie Point, Ryan’s Daughter, The Strawberry Statement, No Blade of Grass and Frank Sinatra’s Dirty Dingus Magee. His most successful composition was for Kelly’s Heroes, starring Clint Eastwood. That yielded a hit single, “Burning Bridges,” co-written by Curb and released by the Mike Curb Congregation. That single was a Billboard top 40 chart hit and a number one record in many parts of the world.  

During his time in Hollywood, Curb worked on films with Clint Eastwood, Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra, George C. Scott, Ernest Borgnine, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Dern, Ryan O’Neal, Telly Savalas, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Peter Fonda, Nancy Sinatra, Rock Hudson, George Kennedy, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Nicholson. Curb has continued doing soundtracks for films for 60 years, including Coyote Ugly, featuring LeAnn Rimes, which has sold over four million albums and Evan Almighty starring Morgan Freeman.

Hit records from the MGM years include “Here Comes The Sun” by Richie Havens, “Signs” by the Five Man Electrical Band, “Spill The Wine” by Eric Burden And War, “Montego Bay” by Bobby Bloom, “Spiders And Snakes” by Jim Stafford “Never Can Say Goodbye” by Gloria Gayner, “Hang On In There Baby” by Johnny Bristol, “Natural Man” by Lou Rawls (which won a Grammy) and The Incredible Bongo Band, which became a foundational record in the history of Hip Hop.

Curb’s productions include “Candy Man” by Sammy Davis, Jr., “Butterfly” by Trini Lopez, “Wedding Song” by Petula Clark, “Daisy A Day” by Jud Strunk, “I Wish That I Had Loved You Better” by Eddy Arnold and “So Young” by Roy Orbison,  

One of Curb’s biggest accomplishments came with The Osmonds, five brothers who had previously appeared on “The Andy Williams Show.”  Curb nurtured them into a pop act who had hits such as “One Bad Apple,” “Yo-Yo,” “Down By The Lazy River,” and “Love Me For A Reason” which Curb produced. Group member Donny Osmond had a hit solo career with Curb-produced singles such as the international hit “Puppy Love,” then joined his sister, Marie for a series of Curb-produced hits by Donny and Marie including “I’m Leaving It All Up To You,” and “Morning Side Of The Mountain.”

His success led to him being named “Producer Of The Year” in 1972 by Billboard magazine. (This was before the Grammys honored producers.)  Curb shared the award with Don Costa, who worked with Curb on a number of projects.

In addition to his work with the MGM label, Curb was president of Verve, the legendary jazz label owned by MGM. At Verve, Curb signed Tony Bennett and worked with Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith, Bill Evans, Stan Getz and Chet Baker. Curb created the Verve Golden Archive Series that featured jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Hugh Masekela, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Buddy Rich, Benny Goodman, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.

After MGM Records was sold, Curb was asked to join Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President as Co-Chairman in 1976. In 1980 Curb served as the National Co-Chairman for Reagan’s successful Presidential campaign. Curb’s involvement with Reagan led to Curb  running for Lieutenant Governor of California in 1978. He won that election and served as Lieutenant Governor and Acting Governor of California. He later joined President Reagan in Washington as National Finance Chairman. In 1986, Curb returned to the music business full time.



Curb Film & Television Soundtracks and Commercials (songs written or co-written by Mike Curb)

1. "All For The Love Of Sunshine" (from the film Kelly’s Heroes) Hank Williams Jr. and The Mike Curb Congregation

2. "Alone Never To Love Again" (Theme from the film Billy Jack): Terry Stafford

3. "American Bandstand Theme" (from the TV show “American Bandstand” starring Dick Clark): Mike Curb and Waterfall

4. "Angel Eyes" (Theme from the film Angel Eyes starring Jennifer Lopez): Tamera Walker

5. "Burning Bridges" (Theme From Kelly's Heroes starring Clint Eastwood): Clint Eastwood and The Mike Curb Congregation

6. "Casey’s Theme" (from the film The Glory Stompers starring Dennis Hopper): Mike Curb

7. "Chilly Winds" (from the film Pretty Maids All In A Row starring Rock Hudson): The Osmonds

8. "Cycle Chase" (from the film Cycle Chasers): The Buddies

9. “Dancing The Night Away” (from the film Walking Stick): Mike Curb

10.  "Dirty Dingus Magee" (Theme from the film Dirty Dingus Magee starring Frank Sinatra): Mike Curb Congregation

11.  "Everywhere I Look There's You" (from the film View From The Top starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Mike Myers): Tamara Walker

12.  "First Meeting" (from the film Shaft's Big Score): Richard Roundtree

13.  "On The Move With Chevrolet " (Chevrolet Commercial): Mike Curb

14.  "Hot Wheels” (Theme from the ABC-TV Show “Hot Wheels”): Mike Curb

15.  "If I Could Only Go Back Again" (from the film Where The Red Fern Grows): Andy Williams

16.  "It Takes All Kinds Of People" (from the film Moonshine Wars): Roy Orbison and The Mike Curb Congregation

17.  "It Was A Good Time" (from the Emmy Award Winning TV Show “Liza With A Z” ) Liza Minelli; and “It Was A Good Time” (Theme from the film Ryan's Daughter): Eydie Gorme and The Mike Curb Congregation

18.  "Jesus Take My Hand" (from the film Breaking The Press): Jamie Slocum

19.  "Just One Thing" (Theme from the film City Slickers starring Billy Crystal): Mike Curb Congregation

20.  "Let The Fire Burn Hot" (Theme from the film Camille starring Sienna Miller and James Franco): Kimberley Locke

21.  "Love Survives" (Theme for the film All Dogs Go To Heaven starring Dom DeLuise and Burt Reynolds): Freddie Jackson and Irene Cara

22.  "Never Gonna Go Back There Again" and "Doing The Best That I Can": (from the film Dreams Of Gold): Saloon

23.  "No Blade Of Grass" (Theme from the film No Blade Of Grass): Roger Whitaker

24.  "Saturday Night Special" (from the film Welcome To Paradise): Wayne Newton and Ronnie McDowell

25.  "So Young" (Theme from the film Zabriskie Point): Roy Orbison and "So Young" (from the film Sunchaser): Roy Orbison

26.  "The Last Run" (Theme from the film The Last Run starring George C. Scott): Steve Lawrence

27.  "The Magic Night" (Theme from the film Mondo Hollywood): Mike Clifford

28.  "There's Nothing Greater Than Our Love" (from the film Revenge): Al Martino

29.  "Together A New Beginning" (Ronald Reagan's Theme from the 1980 Republican National Convention): Mike Curb Congregation

30.  "When Somebody Cares For You" (Theme from the film The Big Bounce starring Ryan O'Neal and Leigh Taylor Young): Donny & Marie Osmond

31.  "Go Litle Honda (You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda") (commercial for Honda): The Hondells

32.  "You're Not A Stranger Anymore" (Theme from the film Mac And Me): Jara Lane

33.  “8 Young Men” (Theme from the film Devil's 8 starring Christopher George): Mike Curb

34.  “Blues Theme” (from the film The Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra): The Arrows

35.  “Born Losers Theme” (from the film The Born Losers): The Sidewalk Sounds

36.  “Billy Jack’s Theme” (from the film The Born Losers): The Arrows

37.  “Calahan’s Theme” (from the film Thunder Alley starring Annette Funicello and Fabian): The Sidewalk Sounds

38.  “Theme From Cattanooga Cats” (from ABC-TV series “The Cattanooga Cats”): The Sidewalk Sounds

39.  “Devil’s Angels Theme: (from the film Devil's Angels starring John Cassavetes): Davie Allan and The Arrows

40.  “Devil’s Rumble” (from the film Inglourious Basterds directed by Quentin Tarantino): Davie Allan and The Arrows

41.  “Fiesta In Old Mexico” (co-written with Linda Curb from the film Neon Highway): Owen Rivera.

42.  “Fly With Me”: (from the TV show “Skyhawks”): Mike Curb

43.  “From The Desert To The Sea" (Jerry Dunphy's Theme): T.G. Sheppard

44.  “Hawaiian Circus” (from the film Golden Breed): Riptides

45.  “He Has A Name”: (co-written with Don Cusic from the film Home Unknown): Tony Williams

46.  “It’s A Bikini World”: (theme from the film It's A Bikini World): Sidewalk Sounds

47.  “Last Of The Red Hot Lovers” (Theme from the film Last Of The Red Hot Lovers starring Alan Arkin): Donny Osmond and The Mike Curb Congregation

48.  “Refugee” (co-written with Don Cusic in the film Refugee Nation): Tony Williams with the Mike Curb Congregation.

49.  “Right Or Wrong” (Theme from the film Bunny O'Hare starring Bette Davis and Ernest Borgnine): Mike Curb Congregation

50.  “Seven Nights A Week” (from the film The Mae West Story): Mae West

51.  “Skaterdater Theme”(from the film Skaterdater; Cannes Film Award Winner): Sidewalk Sounds

52.  “Sunkist” (Orange Juice Theme): Clinger Sisters

53.  “Sunset Theme” (from the film Riot On The Sunset Strip): Mike Curb

54.  “We Can Get There" (from Coyote Ugly Soundtrack) Mary Griffin and “We Can Get There” (from the film Family Tree starring Naomi Judd and Cliff Robertson): Mary Griffin

55.  “Welcome To Paradise” (Theme from the film Welcome To Paradise): Jeff Carson

56.  “Theme From The Wild Angels” (from the film The Wild Angels): The Ventures

57.  “Bongo Party” (from the film Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda): The Arrows and the Bongo Band.

58.  “Wild Racers” (Theme from the film Wild Racers starring Fabian): Sidewalk Sounds

59.  “Zig Zag” (Theme from the film Zig Zag starring George Kennedy): Roy Orbison

60.  “Once In A Lifetime” (from the film The Big Bounce): Mike Curb Congregation



Curb Rock


Mike Curb was living in Los Angeles when he started Curb Records, so the earliest releases for his company had a strong West Coast connection. Curb was heavily influenced by rock and pop music; it was the music of youth and Curb was young—only 18 when he started his company. Artists released by Curb included the Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt and The Electric Flag featuring Buddy Miles and Michael Bloomfield. Curb was a member of a rock’n’roll band, The Arrows, which featured Davie Allan. The band had several chart singles, including “Apache ’65,” “Blues Theme” and the Theme from the film Wild Angels starring Peter Fonda and composed by Mike Curb.   

Curb began as a songwriter, writing songs for Bobby Darin’s company. Curb’s songs were recorded by The Ventures, The Crickets, The Hondells and other West Coast rock artists as well as  Roy Orbison, Sammy Davis, Jr., the Osmonds, Freddie Jackson, Irene Cara, Kimberley Locke, Robbie Williams, Hank Williams Jr., Liza Minelli and Solomon Burke.

Mike had a partnership with Jim Guercio, and they signed the Chicago Transit Authority, later known as Chicago, and Curb and his brother-in-law Tony Scotti, were involved in the early releases by Foreigner, including “Feels Like The First Time.”

As an executive, Curb signed Eric Burdon and War, whose hit was “Spill the Wine,” The Five Man Electrical Band with their hit, “Signs,” The Four Seasons “(Oh What A Night”), the Righteous Brothers (“Unchained Melody”), Exile (“Kiss You All Over”), Shaun Cassidy (“Da Doo Ron Ron”), “Montego Bay” by Bobby Bloom, “Here Comes The Sun” by Richie Havens, “Fool’s Paradise” by The Sylvers “Hang On In There, Baby” by Johnny Bristol, “Never Can Say Goodbye” by Gloria Gaynor, “So Young” by Roy Orbison, “Let Your Love Flow” by the Bellamy Brothers, “Send Me an Angel” by Real Life, “Over and Over” by Tim McGraw and Nelly in addition to the Osmond Family, which had over 100 chart records.

Curb produced African American artists Sammy Davis  Jr. (“Candy Man”), Solomon Burke’s tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have A Dream,” and a string of number one recordings by “American Idol” finalist Kimberley Locke. Curb’s recording of “Apache ’65” and Curb’s composition “Bongo Party,” led to the recordings of “Apache” and “Bongo Rock” by Curb’s Incredible Bongo Band (with Michael Viner and Perry Botkin, Jr.) which were used by DJ Kool Herc and later by Grandmaster Flash to create the break-to-break recordings that laid the foundation for Hip Hop.

Curb signed Lou Rawls, whose song “Natural Man” won a Grammy and Gloria Gaynor with her groundbreaking number-one disco hit, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” He was a partner with Al Bell at Stax for the soundtrack album Shaft featuring the Isaac Hayes Academy Award winning song. In 2021 Curb won a Grammy with Paul Kwami for producing the 150th Anniversary album by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.  


Curb Rock & Pop


1. “Go Little Honda (You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda)” (Jerry Naylor version): The Hondells

2. “Blues Theme” (Wild Angels): Davie Allan and The Arrows

3. “So Fine”: Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt)

4. “Green and Gold”, Electric Flag”: Mike Bloomfield and Buddy Miles

5. “Theme From American Bandstand”: Mike Curb and Waterfall

6. “Anyone For Tennis”(Savage Seven Soundtrack): Cream

7. “Unconscious Power (Savage Seven Soundtrack)”: Iron Butterfly

8. “Questions 67 and 68”: Chicago Transit Authority

9. “Evil Woman”: Crow

10.  “So Young”: Roy Orbison

11.  “Burning Bridges”: Mike Curb Congregation

12.  “Crumbling Land” (Zabriskie Point Soundtrack): Pink Floyd

13.  “Spill The Wine”: Eric Burdon and War

14.  “Montego Bay”: Bobby Bloom

15.  “Here Comes The Sun”: Richie Havens

16.  “Signs”: Five Man Electric Band

17.  “Natural Man”: Lou Rawls

18.  “One Bad Apple”: The Osmonds

19.  “Candy Man”: Sammy Davis, Jr & The Mike Curb Congregation

20.  “John Shaft” (Theme From Shaft’s Big Score): Sammy Davis, Jr. & Isaac Hayes

21.  “Fools Paradise”: The Sylvers

22.  “Havin’ A Party”: The Ovations

23.  “Spiders And Snakes”: Jim Stafford

24.  “Bongo Party” and “Bongo Rock”: The Arrows & The Incredible Bongo Band (DJ Kool Herc)

25.  “Apache ‘65”: The Arrows & The Incredible Bongo Band (Grand Master Flash)

26.  “Hang On In There Baby”: Johnny Bristol

27.  “Never Can Say Goodbye”: Gloria Gaynor

28.  “I Have A Dream”: Solomon Burke

29.  “Let Your Love Flow”: Bellamy Bros.

30.  “Da Doo Ron Ron”: Shaun Cassidy

31.  “I’m Leaving It All Up To You”: Donny & Marie

32.  “Kiss You All Over”: Exile

33.  “Sweet Southern Love”: Phil Everly

34.  “Military Drums”: Hubert Kah

35.  “Music That You Can Dance To”: Sparks

36.  “Dark Light”: The Beat Farmers

37.  “Never Too Old To Rock And Roll”: Jerry Lee Lewis with Ronnie McDowell

38.  ”Send Me An Angel”: Real Life

39.  “Unchained Melody”: Righteous Bros.

40.  “The Devil Came Up To Michigan”: K.M.C. KRU (early Hip Hop chart record)

41.  “The Slide”: The Barkays

42.  “Everytime I Roll The Dice”: Delbert McClinton

43.  “Love Survives”: Irene Cara & Freddie Jackson

44.  “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)”: Four Seasons

45.  “How Do I Live”: LeAnn Rimes

46.  “Buzz Me”: B.B. King

47.  The “F” Word”: Kid Rock with Hank Williams Jr.

48.  “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” (Coyote Ugly): LeAnn Rimes

49.  “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”: Fat Joe and The Terror Squad

50.  “Over And Over”: Tim McGraw with Nelly

51.  “Body Shots”: Kaci Battaglia with Ludacris

52.  “He Has A Name”: Tony Williams

53.  “Fuego”: Stephen Malcolm (with Shaggy)

54.  “Suda”: Melanie Pfirrman (featuring Pit Bull)

55.  “Summertime”: Jay-Way (with Snoop Dogg)

56.  “Something Better”: Blanca

57.  “Get Back Your Fight”: Sarah Reeves

58.  “Cages”: Owen Rivera

59.  “Priceless”: for KING & COUNTRY

60.  “Who I Am”: Wyn Starks

Sidewalk Pop

1. “Skaterdater Rock”: Sidewalk Sounds

2. “Apache '65”: The Arrows

3. “Life”: Joe Leahy

4. “Go Little Honda (You Meet The Nicest People On A Honda)”: The Hondells featuring Jerry Naylor

5. “Little Honda”: The Buddies

6. “So Fine”: Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt

7. “Green And Gold”: Electric Flag featuring Mike Bloomfield

8. “Shape Of Things To Come”: Max Frost and The Troopers

9. “Riot On Sunset Strip”: Standells

10.  “Blues Theme”: Davie Allan And The Arrows

11.  “Black Souls”: Casey Kasem

12.  “Can't Get Too Much Love”: Johnny Praye

13.  “Devil's 8 Theme”: Mike Curb Congregation

14.  “Angelica”: Johnny Crawford

15.  “Jug Band Music”: The Mugwumps

16.  “Last Wave Of The Day”: The Riptides

17.  “What's A Girl To Do”: Annette Funicello

18.  “American Bandstand Theme”: Mike Curb and Waterfall

19.  “So High, So Low”: Aaron McNeil

20.  “Hot Wheels”: Mike Curb

21.  “Skyhawks”: Mike Curb

22.  “But For Love”: Jerry Naylor

23.  “Alone Never To Love Again”: Terry Stafford

24.  “Billy Jack's Theme”: From The Born Losers

25.  “The Wild Angels Theme”: Hands Of Time

26.  “Bongo Party”: Davie Allan & The Arrows

27.  “Once In A Lifetime”: Mike Curb Congregation

28.  “When Somebody Cares For You”: The Big Bounce Soundtrack

29.  “Wild Racer Theme”: Sidewalk Sounds

30.  “Flash, Bam, Pow”: Buddy Miles

31.  “Go To Pieces”

32.  “Good Morning Sunrise”: Chad Stuart

33.  “Psych-out Sanctorum”: The Storybook

34.  “Devil's Rumble”: Davie Allan

35.  “On The Move With Chevrolet”: Mike Curb

36.  “Sunkist”: The Clingers

37.  “Seven Nights A Week”: Mae West

38.  “Great Balls Of Fire”: Mae West with The Mike Curb Congregation

39.  “Open Up Your Heart”: The Osmonds

40.  “You're Not A Stranger Anymore”: Jara Lane

41.  “Hang On”: Hank Williams III

42.  “Chaka Khan” : Andreas Moss (feat Sinclair)

43.  “Suda”: Melanie Pfirrman (feat. Pitbull & IAmChino)

44.  “Dancing My Way”: Wyn Starks




Sun Records 60th Anniversary


One of the most significant accomplishments for Curb is the partnership with Sun Records that has existed for many years.  Curb Records honored the 60th Anniversary of Sun Records by releasing a boxed set of 60 original releases from Sun that captured the legacy of the label that defined the development of rock n’ roll. The collection includes some of the earliest recordings by Sam Phillips at the Memphis Recording Services Studio, now known as the Sun Studios. They include early recordings by B.B. King, Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Conway Twitty, The Prisonaires, Junior Parker, Carl Perkins, Billy Lee Riley, Jack Clement, Bill Justis, Charlie Rich and Elvis Presley. In addition to the first single by Elvis, there are two early demos he recorded before he became a Sun artist.

Curb Records released The E Connection: The King Is Gone, on the 30th Anniversary of the death of Elvis. That release included “The King Is Gone,” a hit single by Ronnie McDowell released in 1977 shortly after Elvis died. On that recording were the Jordanaires and musicians who played on Elvis’s records.

Curb Records has a special relationship with Sun and released the albums Roy Orbison’s Sun and the film recordings written with Mike Curb on The Best Of Roy Orbison, Final Recordings by Conway Twitty, Best Of Charlie Rich, Best Of Little Milton, Best Of Howlin’ Wolfe, Best Of Carl Perkins, the boxed set of Jerry Lee Lewis and the boxed set of Johnny Cash

Curb helped create and distribute Red Hot and Blue, featuring major Memphis recording artists B.B. King and Isaac Hayes.

The Mike Curb Foundation purchased and restored Elvis Presley’s first home in Memphis. The home serves as the laboratory for the Curb Institute at Rhodes College. The Curb Galleries at the Rock and Soul Museum feature the histories of Sun Records, Stax Records and the other great labels and artists in the history of Memphis music.


Sun Records 60th Anniversary


1. “B.B. Blues”: B.B. King

2. “Rocket 88”: Jackie Brenston and the Delta Cats

3. “How Many More Years”: Howlin’ Wolf

4. “Boogie In The Park”: Joe Hill Louis

5. “Drivin’ Slow”: Johnny London

6. “Bear Cat”: Rufus Thomas Jr.

7. “Just Walkin’ In The Rain”: The Prisonaires

8. “My Happiness”: Elvis Presley (demo)

9. “That’s When Your Heartaches Begin”: Elvis Presley (demo)

10.  “Tiger Man”: Rufus Thomas

11.  “Mystery Train”: Little Junior’s Blue Flames

12.  “Somebody Told Me”: Little Milton

13.  “My Kind Of Carrying On”: Doug Poindexter  and the Starlite Wranglers

14.  “Cotton Crop Blues”: James Cotton

15.  “That’s All Right”: Elvis Presley—Scotty and Bill

16.  “Red Hot”: Billy “The Kid” Emerson

17.  “Cry! Cry! Cry!”: Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

18.  “Mystery Train”: Elvis Presley—Scotty and Bill

19.  “I Forgot To Remember To Forget”: Elvis Presley—Scotty and Bill

20.  “Folsom Prison Blues”: Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

21.  “Blue Suede Shoes”: Carl Perkins

22.  “Red Headed Woman”: Sonny Burgess

23.  “Rock And Roll Ruby”: Warren Smith

24.  “I Walk The Line”: Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

25.  “Ooby Dooby”: Roy Orbison and The Teen Kings

26.  “Boppin’ The Blues”: Carl Perkins

27.  “Ubangi Stomp”: Warren Smith

28.  “Shoobie Oobie”: Roscoe Gordon

29.  “Crazy Arms”: Jerry Lee Lewis

30.  “I Shall Not Be Moved”: Million Dollar Quartet (Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis

31.  “Crazy Dreams”: Harold Jenkins (Conway Twitty)

32.  “Just In Time”: Harold Jenkins (Conway Twitty)

33.   “Flying Saucer Rock and Roll”: Billy Lee Riley and His Little Green Men

34.  “Your True Love”: Carl Perkins

35.  “Next In Line”: Johnny Cash

36.  “Whole Lot Of Shakin’ Going On”: Jerry Lee Lewis

37.  “Rock Boppin’ Baby”: Edwin Bruce

38.  “Home Of The Blues”: Johnny Cash

39.  “Good Lovin’”: Dickey Lee and The Collegiates

40.  “Great Balls Of Fire”: Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano

41.  “You Win Again”: Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano

42.  “Ballad Of A Teenage Queen”: Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

43.  “Big River”: Johnny Cash and The Tennessee Two

44.  “Breathless”: Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano

45.  “Ten Years”: Jack Clement

46.  “Guess Things Happen That Way”: Johnny Cash

47.  “High School Confidential”: Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano

48.  “Drinkin’ Wine”: Gene Simmons

49.  “The Ways Of A Woman In Love”: Johnny Cash

50.  “You’re the Nearest Thing To Heaven”: Johnny Cash

51.  “It’s Just About Time”: Johnny Cash

52.  “Claudette”: Roy Orbison

53.  “Thanks A Lot”: Johnny Cash

54.  “What’d I Say”: Jerry Lee Lewis

55.  “Cold, Cold, Heart”: Jerry Lee Lewis

56.  “Big Dream”: Rayburn Anthony

57.  “Uncle Jonas”: Harold Dorman

58.  “Raunchy”: Bill Justis and His Orchestra

59.  “Mona Lisa”: Carl Mann

60.  “Lonely Weekend”: Charlie Rich


Curb Country

Mike Curb was involved with West Coast country music from his early days and in 1969 that involvement intensified when he merged his company with MGM Records and signed Hank Williams Jr to a major recording contract. In addition, Curb signed Mel Tillis, Billy Walker, Don Gibson, Ray Stevens, Eddy Arnold, Tompall and the Glaser Brothers and Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. 

Curb’s career with Hank Williams Jr. covered over 45 years. It started at the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas where the Mike Curb Congregation was performing with Hank Jr. and the two agreed to record a Hank Jr. album featuring the Mike Curb Congregation. Hank Jr.’s first number one record, “All For The Love Of Sunshine” was co-written by Curb and was also Curb’s first number one.

Curb Records concentrated heavily on country after it moved to Nashville in 1992 and built a roster that included Hal Ketchum, Sawyer Brown and Boy Howdy. During this period Curb signed and guided the careers of international superstars LeAnn Rimes, Tim McGraw, The Judds, Wynonna, Jo Dee Messina and Rodney Atkins. In 2010, Curb artist Lee Brice’s “Love Like Crazy” was Billboard’s Record of the Year.

Through the years Curb has been involved with joint ventures and distribution agreements with other labels and in 1989, Curb entered into an agreement with Capitol Records to compile and release over 100 albums containing Capitol’s key artists on the Curb label. Capitol had been reluctant to release CDs during the 1980s and Curb had grown up in Hollywood and knew the catalogue.

In 2001, Curb Records became the first independent label to be named Billboard’s Country Label of the Year. Curb has released groundbreaking country/rock records that included Hank Jr.’s “All My Rowdy Friends (Are Coming Over Tonight”), Chris Hillman’s Desert Rose Band (“One Step Forward”), the Bellamy Brothers (“Let Your Love Flow”), Kenny Rogers (“Today I Started Loving You Again”), Mel Tillis (“I Ain’t Never”), Steve Holy (“Good Morning Beautiful”), Lyle Lovett (“Cowboy Man”), Clay Walker (“Fall”),  LeAnn Rimes  (“Blue”) Jo Dee Messina (“Heads Carolina”), Sawyer Brown (“Some Girls Do” ) Rodney Atkins (“If You’re Going Through Hell”), Dylan Scott (“My Girl”), Lee Brice (“One of Them Girls”) and Tim McGraw (“Live Like You Were Dying”).


Curb Country


1. “Hot Dawg”: Mike Curb and the Curbstones

2. “Thoughtless”: The Crickets

3. “Everybody’s Got Their Own Ideas”: Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt

4. “Killers Three”: Merle Haggard

5. “Big In Vegas”: Buck Owens

6. “Rings”: Tompall and The Glaser Bros.

7. “All For The Love Of Sunshine”: Hank Williams Jr. and The Mike Curb Congregation

8. “It Takes All Kinds Of People”: Roy Orbison

9. “Give Myself A Party”: Jeannie C. Riley

10.  “I Ain’t Never”: Mel Tillis

11.  “Gone Our Endless Love”: Billy Walker

12.  “Daisy A Day”: Jud Strunk

13.  “Today I Started Loving You Again”: Kenny Rogers

14.  “Paper Roses”: Marie Osmond

15.  “Wildwood Weed”: Jim Stafford

16.  “I Wish That I Had Loved You Better”: Eddy Arnold

17.  “Sweet Sensuous Sensations”: Don Gibson

18.  “Nashville”: Ray Stevens

19.  “Devil In The Bottle”: T.G. Sheppard

20.  “Old Hippie”: The Bellamy Bros.

21.  “Stay With Me”: Exile

22.  “Step That Step”: Sawyer Brown

23.  “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight”: Hank Williams Jr.

24.  “Six Pack to Go”: Vince Gill & Hank Thompson

25.  “Till I’m Too Old To Die Young”: Moe Brandy

26.  “It’s Only Make Believe”: Ronnie McDowell & Conway Twitty

27.  “That Old Wheel”: Johnny Cash & Hank Williams Jr.

28.  “Grandpa”: The Judds

29.  “There’s A Tear In My Beer”: Hank Williams Sr. & Hank Williams Jr.

30.  “She Don’t Love Nobody”: Desert Rose Band featuring Chris Hillman

31.  “Small Town Saturday Night”: Hal Ketchum

32.  “The Car”: Jeff Carson

33.  “You Have The Right To Remain Silent”: Perfect Stranger

34.  “Sending Me Angels”: Delbert McClinton

35.  “No One Else On Earth”: Wynonna

36.  “She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife”: Lyle Lovett

37.  “Indian Outlaw”: Tim McGraw

38.  “She’d Give Anything”: Boy Howdy featuring Jeffrey Steele

39.  “It’s Your Love”: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

40.  “Blue”: LeAnn Rimes

41.  “If I Never Stop Loving You”: David Kersh

42.  “I’m Alright”: Jo Dee Messina

43.  “Hang On”: Hank Williams III

44.  “God Bless The USA”: Lee Greenwood with the Fisk Jubilee Singers

45.  “Three Wooden Crosses”: Randy Travis

46.  “It’s A Heartache”: Trick Pony

47.  “She Won’t Be Lonely Long”: Clay Walker

48.  “Good Morning Beautiful”: Steve Holy

49.  “If You’re Going Through Hell”: Rodney Atkins

50.  “Johnny & June”: Heidi Newfield

51.  “Love Like Crazy”: Lee Brice

52.  “Southern Voice”: Tim McGraw

53.  “My Girl”: Dylan Scott

54.  “Sparkle”: Harper Grace

55.  “Freedom”: Harper Grace

56.  “Buy A Bar”: Tim Dugger

57.  “Life With You”: Kelsey Hart

58.  “Country”: Mo Pitney

59.  “Wine Country”: Hannah Ellis

60.  “Desperado Troubadour”: Sawyer Brown

61.  “Watching You”: Rodney Atkins

62.  “Felt Good On My Lips”: Tim McGraw

63.  “One Of Them Girls”: Lee Brice

Sidewalk Country

1. “Everybody Has Their Own Ideas”: Stone Poneys featuring Linda Ronstadt

2. “My Special Angel”: Jerry Naylor

3. “Little Pink Mac”: Kay Adams

4. “Soldier Boy”: Terry Stafford

5. “Ol' Country Dog”: Mike Curb

6. “I Saw The Light”: Mike Curb Congregation

7. “Whatever Happened To The Good Old Honky Tonk”: Pat Boone

8. “Killers Three: Merle Haggard

9. “Forget Him”: Casey Kasem

10.  “Why Can't He Be You”: Mary Ford

11.  “Sunset Theme”: Sidewalk Sounds

12.  “Never Gonna Go Back There Again”: Bob & Penny

13.  “Doin' The Best I Can”: From Dreams Of Gold

14.  “All I Need Is You: Dick Curless
“I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am”: Doug Brooks

15.  “Hillbilly Joker”: Hank Williams III

16.  “Jesse James”: Clay Walker

17.  “Makin' This Boy Go Crazy”: Dylan Scott

18.  “Georgia Girl, Bama Boy”: Tim Dugger & Rachel Holder

19.  “Taylor Swift”: Tyler Dean

20.  “Rainy Day Radio”: Ashley Gearing

21.  “Get Drunk And Cry”: Ruthie Collins

22.  “Why’d You Have To Be So Good”: Heidi Newfield

23.  “Boys Will Be”: Jackson Michelson


In the Beginning: Curb Records Gospel and Christian Recordings


The roots for Christian music on Curb go back to a choir at The First Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Mike Curb was a member of that choir and later became President of his high school choir in the San Fernando Valley of California.

During his senior year in High School, Curb recorded “I Saw the Light” with his group and borrowed his father’s car to drive to Waco, Texas, home of Word Records, to pitch the recording to Jarrell McCracken, president of Word. McCracken saw potential in Curb, who had just graduated from high school, and encouraged him to continue with his recordings and later released the Mike Curb Congregation’s version of “I Saw The Light” on Word Records. That was in the summer of 1962 and that Fall, Mike entered San Fernando Valley College.

Word Records has a long history dating back to 1951 when the label was formed in Waco, Texas by Jarrell McCracken, a student at Baylor University, Henry SoRelle and Ted Snider. The label began when McCracken’s spoken word recording, “The Game Of Life,” was released on WORD, a fictional radio station that became the name of the label.

The label expanded into books, music and created other labels such as Canaan for Southern Gospel and Myrrh and Dayspring for contemporary Christian music. They signed distribution deals with labels Solid Rock, Home Sweet Home, Light Records, Reunion and Star Song. By the mid-1970s, Word was the largest Christian and gospel record label.

In 1976, McCracken sold part of his interest in the label to the American Broadcasting Company; in 1986, ABC merged with Capital Cities and McCracken left the company. Capital Cities/ABC sold the label to Thomas Nelson, Inc and they moved the headquarters from Waco to Nashville. Thomas Nelson was primarily a book publisher, so they sold the record label to Gaylord Entertainment in 1996.

In 2001, the Word Entertainment Group was sold to AOL/Time Warner in partnership with Curb Records. At this point, Curb acquired 20 percent of Word with Warners owning 80 percent until 2016 when Curb acquired 100 percent and the label became Curb |Word. This made Curb the owner of Word which was the largest record company ever founded in the history of Texas.

Through the years, a who’s who of Christian and Gospel artists have been affiliated with Word. Those include Amy Grant, the Cathedrals, Evie, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Florida Boys, the Imperials, Rich Mullins, Sandi Patty, Petra, Randy Stonehill, George Beverly Shea, Russ Taff, Love and the Outcome, Group 1 Crew, About A Mile, Jaci Velasquez, Randy Travis, Shirley Caesar and the Fairfield Four.

Significantly, Curb Records had formed its own Christian division in the late 1960s, which included groundbreaking West Coast Christian artists Larry Norman, Second Chapter of Acts, the Boone Girls, and DeGarmo and Key. Through the years Curb signed and developed major Christian artists such as Natalie Grant, Patty Cabrera, Plumb, MIKES CHAIR, Michael English, Jonathan Pierce, Selah, Whiteheart, Fernando Ortego, and Debby Boone, who recorded “You Light Up My Life,” which many consider to be the biggest Christian crossover record of all time.

Curb was a partner in the recording of “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe, which became a number one record that crossed over to pop.

In recent years, the Curb | Word artist roster has included Mark Schultz, Nicole C. Mullin, Building 429, Salvador, Pocket Full of Rocks, Point of Grace, Chris August, and Randy Travis.

The current roster includes for KING AND COUNTRY, Hannah Kerr, Blanca, Dan Bremnes, Meredith Andrews, Francesca Battistelli, Big Daddy Weave, Natalie Grant, Stephen Malcolm, Sidewalk Prophets, Stars Go Dim, and We Are Messengers.



Word Records (Curb | Word): Six Decades Of Hits


DISC 1: The Early Years


1. ”El Shaddai”: Amy Grant

2. “We Will Stand”: Russ Taff

3. “When God Ran”: Benny Hester

4. “Home Where I Belong”: B.J. Thomas

5. “Praise The Lord”: The Imperials

6. “Shut De Do’”: Randy Stonehill

7. “We Are The Reason”: David Meece

8. “Flesh Of My Flesh”: Leon Patillo

9. “Special Delivery”: Evie

10.  “Easter Song”: 2nd Chapter of Acts

11.  “Clean Before My Lord”: Honeytree

12.  “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”: Randy Matthews

13.  “I’d Rather Have Jesus”: George Beverly Shea

14.  “Oh, How He Loved You And Me”: Wanda Geddie Brickner & Kurt Kaiser

15.  “Lord Achieve Thy Holy Purpose”: Mike Curb Congregation

16.  “The Lighthouse”: The Happy Goodmans

17.  “He’s Everything To Me”: Cliff Barrows & The Gang

18.  “The Game Of Life”: Jarrell McCracken


DISC 2: Yesterday’s Favorites


1. “Kiss Me”: Sixpence None the Richer

2. “Three Wooden Crosses”: Randy Travis

3. “Redeemer”: Nicole C. Mullen

4. “On My Knees”: Jaci Velasquez

5. “Blessed”: Rachel Lampa

6. “Heaven”: Salvador

7. “People Get Ready”: Crystal Lewis

8. “Another Time…Another Place”: Sandi Patty and Wayne Watson

9. “Undivided”: First Call

10.  “Beyond Belief”: Petra

11.  “Surrender”: 4Him

12.  “Revive Us”: Anointed

13.  “I Will Be Free”: Cindy Morgan

14.  “Behold the Lamb”: David Phelps

15.  “The Good Day”: Fernando Ortega

16.  “Everywhere I Look”: Phil Keaggy

17.  “Heaven”: Shirley Caesar


DISC 3: Today’s Hits


1. “Free To Be Me”: Francesca Battistelli

2. “Starry Night”: Chris August

3. “The Words I Would Say”: Sidewalk Prophets

4. “Every Time I Breathe”: Big Daddy Weave

5. “Washed By The Water”: NEEDTOBREATHE

6. “How You Live”: Point of Grace

7. “I Am”: Mark Schultz

8. “You’re Not Alone”: Meredith Andrews

9. “Glory Defined”: Building 429

10.  “Keys To The Kingdom”: Group 1 Crew

11.  “Never Alone”: BarlowGirl

12.  “Beautiful One”: By the Tree

13.  “Me And Jesus”: Stellar Kart

14.  “It’s All About You”: pureNRG

15.  “Suitcases”: Dara Maclean

16.  “Mercy”: Patrick Ryan Clark

17.  “Light It Up”: for KING & COUNTRY


Curb Contemporary Christian and Gospel

1. “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”: Larry Norman

2. “Jesus Is”: Second Chapter of Acts

3. “His Song Shall Be Sung”: Lou Rawls with the Mike Curb Congregation

4. “It’s A Small World”: Mike Curb Congregation

5. “Too Far Too Long”: DeGarmo & Key

6. “When The Love Light Starts Shining Through His Eyes”: Boone Girls

7. “Glory Train”: Pat Boone

8. “You Light Up My Life”: Debby Boone

9. “Always There For You”: Stryper

10.  “I Got You”: Solomon Burke

11.  “Even The Hardest Heart”: Whiteheart

12.  “Love Can Build A Bridge”: Judds

13.  “Always And Forever”: Patty Cabrera

14.  “Gospel Ship”: Michael English

15.  “Healing Hands”: Jonathan Pierce

16.  “I Need You”: LeAnn Rimes

17.  “Shining Star”: Yolanda Adams

18.  “Angel Eyes”: Tamara Walker

19.  “Poor Man Lazrus”: Fisk Jubilee Singers

20.  “God Bless The USA”: Lee Greenwood

21.  “Held”: Natalie Grant

22.  “Don’t Dream It’s Over”: Sixpence None the Richer

23.  “No Greater Love”: Rachel Lampa

24.  “You’re My God”: Jaci Velasquez

25.  “I’m Ready”: Shirley Caesar & Kirk Franklin

26.  “Simple Things”: Amy Grant

27.  “I Can Only Imagine”: MercyMe

28.  “Broken & Beautiful”: Mark Schulz

29.  “Whatever it Takes”: Nate Sallie

30.  “Three Wooden Crosses”: Randy Travis

31.  “Everyday People”: Nicole C. Mullen

32.  “Day By Day”: Point of Grace

33.  “All Around the World”: Souljahz

34.  “Glory Defined”: Building 429

35.  “Heaven”: Salvador

36.  “Let Go”: Barlow Girl

37.  “Every Time I Breathe”: Big Daddy Weave

38.  “Traveler”: Fernando Ortega

39.  “You Raise Me Up”: Selah

40.  “Resurrection”: Nicol Sponberg

41.  “Everybody’s Got A Song To Sing”: Group 1 Crew

42.  “All Along”: Remedy Drive

43.  “Dependence”: Jamie Slocum

44.  “In My Arms”: Plumb

45.  “Free To Be Me”: Francesca Battistelli

46.  “Come As You Are”: Pocket Full of Rocks

47.  “Let the Waters Rise”: MIKESCHAIR

48.  “The Words I Would Say”: Sidewalk Prophets

49.  “Starry Night”: Chris August

50.  “Lead You To The Cross”: No Other Name

51.  “Even Louder”: Steven Malcolm and Natalie Grant

52.  “Lift Every Voice And Sing”: Melinda Doolittle

53.  “You Are Loved”: Stars Go Dim

54.  “No One Loves Me Like You Do”: Dan Bremnes

55.  “Maybe It’s O.K.”: We Are Messengers

56.  “Even At My Worst”: Blanca

57.  “Details”: Sarah Reeves

58.  “Make Room”: Meredith Andrews

59.  “Jesus Is Why”: Hannah Kerr

60.  “What Are We Waiting For”: for KING AND COUNTRY


Billy Graham International Crusade Choirs


Curb Records released a special boxed set that honored the 60th anniversary of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. This set of 60 recordings was comprised of recordings of choirs from around the world as they performed at a Billy Graham Crusade. The collection is divided into choirs from Australia and New Zealand, from Europe and from the United States. The performers include George Beverly Shea, who had a long-time association with Billy Graham, dating back to Graham’s college days. The set also includes remarks by Billy Graham.

The album also honored Mike Curb’s grandfather who was a minister for over 50 years and was inducted into the Oklahoma Christian Hall of Fame.  During his career, The Mike Curb Congregation performed with Billy Graham and the group recorded and released a double album containing 60 of Billy Graham’s favorite songs.  

The following songs are those recorded by the Mike Curb Congregation.


60th Anniversary Tribute To Billy Graham


Disc One


1. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”

2. “Abide With Me”

3. “All Creatures Of Our God And King”

4. “All Glory Laud And Honor”

5. “All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name”

6. “Be Still My Soul”

7. “Be Thou My Vision”

8. “Beneath The Cross Of Jesus”

9. “Blessed Assurance”

10.  “Blessed Be The Tie That Binds”

11.  “Bringing In The Sheaves”

12.  “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”

13.  “Come Thou Almighty King”

14.  “Come Ye Thankful People Come”

15.  “Count Your Blessings”

16.  “Crown Him With Many Crowns”

17.  “Fairest Lord Jesus”

18.  “Faith Of Our Fathers”

19.  “For The Beauty Of The Earth”

20.  “Glory Be To The Father”

21.  “God Of Our Fathers”

22.  “Have Thine Own Way”

23.  “He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought”

24.  “Holy, Holy Holy”

25.  “I Love To Tell The Story”

26.  “I Need Thee Every Hour”

27.  “I Surrender All”

28.  “In The Sweet Bye & Bye”

29.  “Jesus Loves Me”

30.  “Jesus Loves The Little Children


Disc Two


1. “Just As I Am”  

2. “Leaning On The Everlasting Arms”

3. “The Lord’s Prayer”

4. “May Jesus Christ Be Praised”

5. “Nearer My God To Thee”

6. “Oh God Our Help In Ages Past”

7. “O How I Love Jesus”

8. “Old Rugged Cross”

9. “Power In The Blood”

10.  “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”

11.  “Rock Of Ages”

12.  “Shall We Gather At The River”

13.  “Softly & Tenderly”

14.  “Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus”

15.  “Sweet Hour Of Prayer”

16.  “The Church’s One Foundation”

17.  “This Is My Father’s World”

18.  “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

19.  “When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder”

20.  “Where Could I Go But To The Lord”

21.  “Amazing Grace”

22.  “God Be With You”

23.  “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee”

24.  “Were You There”

25.  “His Eye Is On The Sparrow

26.  “Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen”

27.  “Onward Christian Soldiers”

28.  “The Church In The Wildwood”

29.  “America The Beautiful”

30.  “Battle Hymn Of The Republic


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